Tomato Rice + Chicken Kurma

Tomato rice is usually savored in my home during Diwali (of course, prepared by my mom, a wonderful chef). Started making them after coming here with my mom's guidance and now it's a regular in my kitchen especially since my little hero is a huge fan.

Chicken kurma -chicken cooked in kurma spice from Malaysia (Adabi - my favorite brand for kurma) potatoes and coconut milk.

Side dish - Raita (cucumber+yogurt relish)


  1. hi shiela...
    i love tomato rice...and luckily kids and hubby love it too. and just like your situation, i started cooking this here. back in malaysia i tak pernah masak this pun..only ate mom's or kedai's ;-)
    i also pair my tomato rice with kurma, for veggie, i always prepare acar timun. perhaps next time i'll try raita!

  2. Trust me...the dishes are something you will die for!


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