Cili Garam Terung (Fried eggplant in chili gravy)

This is an authentic recipe of the Peranakan community in Malaysia. My mom acquired this recipe from our Peranakan family in Melaka and used to make it quite regularly at home. I remember helping her pound the chilies with a mortar and pestle (the original way of getting the chilies pounded) before we opted for the faster and easier short-cut = food processor :)

Cili garam (a thick chili gravy consisting of pounded fresh red chilies, shallots and candlenuts) is wonderful with all types of fried fish (especially pomfret) or even tofu. Here, I made cili garam with quartered and fried brinjals. A wonderful dish on a non-meat eating day!


  1. Ohh...this was my must-have dish whenever i saw this lauk in any 'kedai nasi campur' back in msia. sedapnyer...!

  2. ye of the best ways to savor eggplant! the same kuah goes very well with fried fish (espcially tenggiri or selar kuning) too! ahh i miss my mom's cooking la...dia yang expert fish dishes!


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