Ginger Chicken-Shiitake

Another dish I started making in my kitchen trying to recreate my mom's famous ginger chicken. Since hubby and I also like shiitake mushrooms, I added them to the usual ginger chicken dish and realised that the chicken-mushroom combination was so good. Shiitake is kind of meaty and does not have the woodsy flavor that some mushrooms have. This is a dish where chicken and shiitake mushrooms are cooked in fresh ginger-infused gravy made of oyster sauce, tamari and mushroom flavored sauce.


  1. shiela, this looks sooo delicious.
    actually i seldom add mushrooms in my cooking...hubby tak berapa suka, but I LOVE mushrooms. will cook someday ;-)

  2. as you have get your hubby to try this shiitake then. it's so meaty and not so much of the usual woodsy mushroom taste/smell. mesti dia suka...


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