Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Hubby is my recipe guide for this dish. He has been making me biryanis (vegetable, lamb, chicken) very so regularly since the time we got married. These days he has been busy with work and business school and so I have taken over (temporarily) the biryani making business in our home :) This is actually an authentic dish from hubby's homeland. The chicken is marinated in a special Hyderabadi biryani spice mix with creamy yogurt before it is cooked with the fragrant Basmati rice.

In the background: left - sherva (tomato masala gravy), a special gravy usually served alongside biryanis; right - raita (cucumber+yogurt relish).


  1. So the chicken is cooked with rice...does it taste like 'chicken bukhari rice'?

  2. i have never tasted bukhari rice la as, so i am not sure. but yeah for this recipe you layer the rice with the marinated chicken (half-cooked)and gravy and another layer of rice and slow cook it...yumm! my hubby does this method for lamb...sugguh sedap tau :D


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