Fresh Blueberry Pancakes with Honey-butter Syrup

In Malaysia, pancakes or lempeng are eaten for breakfast as well as a teatime treat. I just love the taste of lempeng durian (durian pancakes) and even the coconut and banana flavored ones with a hot cuppa latte. Here, my pancakes are flavored with blueberries. There's nothing like adding fresh berries to your homemade pancakes! We don't use store bought pancake syrups-just to avoid the extra sugar. So I lightly drizzled the pancakes with a syrup of warm honey and melted butter.


  1. You lucky woman you! Fresh blueberries pancakes! If you only knew the price of a box of blueberries here! An arm and a leg to make 'em pancakes! Wei...next time you back home, make some for me ar? I love pancakes and I am already salivating looking at the pictures!!!! Slurp! Slurp!

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