Indian Fish Gravy

Love, love, fish! I may not be too thrilled cutting and cleaning a whole fish but once I bring fish home from the market, all fresh and cleaned, I enjoy preparing fish dishes.

Here is a typical Indian fish curry using fresh, whole mackerels – the type of fish with not so many bones and with clean-tasting, white meat.

A mild combination of spice blend (cumin, fenugreek, caraway with onion, ginger and garlic) with fresh tomatoes, create a wonderfully thick gravy for the fish *pieces to swim in and soak to perfection!

*(Prior to adding it into the gravy, the fish is cut into pieces, marinated with turmeric and salt and fried first to prevent them from breaking up in the gravy and also to prevent the dish to smell too fishy, if at all)

And there’s something I always add to fish gravy, blanched whole okras...just like the way my mom does it!

With rice and a side of greens (as seen in pic), awesome...meeow!

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